12.1.2013 MA1 ////

CINNAMAN (Colors / Trouw / Amsterdam)


MAIK OLLHOFF (MA1 / Sommerloch)


KARMABOY (Haut&Knochen / Liebhaberei-Musik)


BUFIMAN (VfMM / Single-Club / Themes For Great Cities)


DINO KORATI – visuals


Dj/producer Cinnaman started dj-ing at the very young age of 12. His father was dj-ing in smaller clubs in his formal hometown Den Bosch, The Netherlands. It was a simple way to get in to it, using his dads records. The tone was set, he started buying hiphop like a maniac. Soon his musical interest expanded more and more. Searchin for the perfect eclectic sound. At this time he headbanged into Aardvarck, who showed him the way to Rushhour, Rednose Distrikt, Juha and a lot of carnaval madness. With a common love for groove and beats, Cinnaman matched perfect with Jay Scarlett and the idea was born for a beat compilation, which was dubbed Beat Dimensions. After the first two succesful compilations, a third and final one is in the making. Cinnaman is co-captain of the Viral Radio and Colors concepts. Two night focussing on house, bass, beats and everything in between and beyond and recently started hosting a bi-weekly radio at Amsterdam based Red Light Radio.

‘MA1′ is based in NRW, Germany. Artists who already played: The Gaslamp Killer, Lunice, Baauer, Eskmo, Loefah, Scuba, Fulgeance, Free The Robots, Juha, Ras G, Take, Daedelus, Dimlite, Om Unit, Eliphino, Robot Koch, Romare, 1000names, Dizz1, Cinnaman, John&Paul, Dorian Concept, Lazer Sword, Kuedo, Doshy, Mono/Poly, Ikonika, Débruit, a.m.m.

MA1 //// 12.01.2012 / 23:00 //// FOYER, DÜSSELDORF //// EINTRITT: 5,00 //// www.ma-one.de